Vihti is home to active people and adventurers

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Welcome to Adventureland!

Vihti is home to an adventurer with an open mind. Here, a self-driven traveller is both pampered and challenged.

The adventures offered here are founded on a combination of a 500-year-old culture, our distinct nature, modern services and inspiring events.

Your adventure starts in 3 - 2 - 1...

Municipality of Vihti

The municipality of Vihti, or "Vihti of Active People", is located 45 minutes from Helsinki, at the junction of the Turku motorway and highway 25. Vihti has almost 30,000 inhabitants and around 2,000 businesses. The municipality's main town is Nummela. Vihti's history stretches back more than 500 years.

In Vihti, nature is always near. Most of the Nuuksio National Park is located in Vihti. The municipality's main water body, Hiidenvesi, is part of the largest river basin in Southern Finland. The Nummelanharju ridge, part of the Salpausselkä ridge system, runs through the municipality. Vihti's diverse nature offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and sports.

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