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Fall in love with Vihti's vibrant countryside

Landeluksus is a return to childhood summers, the charm of small villages and a living piece of countryside close to the capital. Vihti Landeluksus is born from authentic experiences, a network of innovative entrepreneurs and an honest Newfoundland milieu where traditions have been transformed into quality services.

Products and services

Take a look at the selection and choose your own way of enjoying regional luxury. Here are some examples.

Get out of the way! Off-road safaris

Get out of the way! off-road safari is driven on very varied terrain and conditions. The routes take you through forests, fields and even a few villages.

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Afternoon tea at Hevoslaakso Forest Restaurant

Enjoy the season's best wild berries and garden delicacies at the Horses Valley Forest Restaurant.

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Enjoy the enchantment of Villa Paradise

Book Nuuksion Taika's Villa Paratiisi for a family holiday, party or meeting. Enjoy the covered terrace, wood-heated sauna and the warmth of the hot tub.

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Forest dinner at Korpela lean-to

Throw a party in nature at Hawkhill's Korpela lean-to and enjoy dinner, tea or a wonderful forest wedding in the covered forest restaurant.

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Film experiences at Vihti Cinema

The beautiful old cinema hall of Vihti Kino is a reminder of a bygone era. Come and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the small cinema and discover the beautiful buildings of the church village.

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Art history tour in Veikkola Manor

Veikkola Manor's own magnificent art collection and the knowledge of the art history of the manor's master, as well as the history and story of the manor, are well worth a visit.

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Murder mystery at Veikkola Manor

Join us for an experiential dinner where I will solve a fictional story set in the history of Veikkola Manor with real characters who lived in 1942.

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Wild herb course at Hawkhill

On the wild herb trip, you will get to know the wild herbs of the Haukkamäki area and learn the basics of collecting, identifying and utilising wild herbs.

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Rally driving in a snowy field

Experience a unique experience and jump into the wild world of field rallying. The field rally is run on a track of about one kilometre in length. It has tight bends even if you share it with others.

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Party at the Taikan Wäinölä in Nuuksio

Wäinölä is a unique and atmospheric event and party venue in the middle of the forest, next to Nuuksio National Park.

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Cottage holiday at Hawkhill Cottage Resort

Hawkhill cottages represent Finnish cottage holidays at their best. Own pier, rowing boat, sauna and fireplace crown your holiday all year round.

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Villa Paradise sauna and avanto

Come and experience the gentle steam of Villa Paratiisi's wood-heated sauna and enjoy the ice hole or relax in the hot tub.

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Horse riding lesson in Hevoslaakso

Riding school The lovely ponies and horses of Horse Valley are waiting for nice riders, big and small.

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Theme party in Wäinölä

Wäinölä Heritage House in Nuuksion Taikka offers a great setting for the Kalevala Festival, Viking Weddings and other theme celebrations. Only your imagination is the limit.

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Private event at Vihti Kino

Private events can be arranged in Vihti's Kino foyer and you can also book your own show with catering.

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Forest wedding in Horse Valley

Organise your own forest wedding or family celebration in the peaceful forest surrounded by the pastures of Horse Valley and offer your guests a unique experience.

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ATV safari in the forest

ATV safari offers fun riding experiences all year round in varied terrain. No previous experience required!

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Stay at Veikkola Manor

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the mansion and feel at home. In addition to short-term accommodation, residency accommodation is also available.

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WeFly services at Nummela Airport

You can arrive at Nummela Airport on your own plane, book a charter flight to another airport or take a scenic flight and admire the lake and forest scenery from a bird's eye view.

WeFly offers all necessary ground services: airport transfers, machine cleaning services and catering services. In addition, the services include maintenance and refuelling services as well as short-term equipment rental.

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Overall oil records

When you board WeFly's small plane from Nummela's historic airport, you can see blue lakes and green forest stretching to the horizon through the white clouds through bird's eyes.

Airport services

WeFly offers all necessary ground services: airport transfers, machine cleaning services and catering services. In addition, the services include maintenance and refuelling services as well as short-term equipment rental.

Charter flights

WeFly operates private flights to Pori, Turku and Tampere. Choose a comfortable way to travel and enjoy the stunning scenery. WeFly also operates in Kuopio.

Find out about companies offering accommodation and activity services

Hawkhill Cottage Resort

Hawkhill Cottage Resort is located next to Nuuksio National Park by a small lake and offers not only high-quality cottage accommodation but also a great setting for meetings and celebrations. High-quality conference villas, the unique lean-to of the forest restaurant Korpela, the Haukkamäki art and well-being trail and the restored bog are second to none. There are also wild herb classes, yoga, sauna and wellness packages and many other services as needed.


Horse Valley

The Horse Valley is not just a riding stable, but a unique combination of mental wellbeing, experiential and delicious taste experiences. The Forest Wellbeing Centre's Forest Mind programmes and equine-assisted wellbeing programmes are particularly suitable for small groups, and the unique Forest Restaurant offers not only a 'Seven Kinds of Afternoon Tea' but also a setting for small weddings and family celebrations. If they wish, the wedding couple can stay overnight in the Hevoslaakso forest cottage.


Nuuksion Taika

Nuuksio Taika is a unique complex in the heart of the forest on the outskirts of Nuuksio National Park. Villa Paratiisi and the hand-carved traditional log house Wäinölä on the lakeshore provide a high-quality setting for parties and meetings. Smaller groups can also stay at the villa and a sauna can be rented for private use. The magical Kalevala celebrations and Viking feasts are memorable experiences and themed programmes, musical performances and great food crown the experience.


Get out of the way with safaris

Get out of the way! offroad-safari offers off-road experiences in the Uusimaa region by vehicle, bike or on foot. Business events are organised throughout the year in varied terrain: in forests, fields and even a little bit on village roads. Get off the road! is an ideal location for various business events, as it is situated in Lohja, a short drive from Helsinki, right next to the Turku motorway. The main building has meeting and sauna facilities as well as an outdoor lot.


Veikkolan kartano

Veikkola Manor is a timeless manor romance. Less than fifty kilometres from Helsinki, the offers an experience of life in the old days and a taste of authentic country romanticism. The historic manor landscape offers a memorable festive experience and serves as a refreshing counterbalance to urban life. A Murder Mystery and art tours of the manor house are unique programme services suitable for groups. You can also stay overnight as a guest of the host.


Vihdin Kino

Vihdin Kino is an atmospheric cinema in Vihti village. The programme includes novelties, family films and gems from arthouse films – something for everyone.  It is possible to book a private show and catering for companies, groups and children's birthdays. It is also possible to reserve the foyer as a banquet room.  In addition, Vihti Kino offers the opportunity to order a separate introduction to the background of the film for films of cultural and historical significance.


What is Vihti Landeluksus?

When nostalgia takes over and the eye turns to the horizon, childhood memories flood the heart: the smell of freshly cut hay, the rumble of a tractor, the smell of wound leaves and the smear of waves.

This longing is not helped by the lure of exotic countries. It is a longing to return to the Finnish home, back to the roots, back to the land.

That's when you need a Landeluxus, which is a landea with glamour without the frills. Vihdin lande is like a movie, with beautiful beginnings and wistful Finnish disco at the end. Landeluksus is an answer to desires, a nostalgic journey to a timeless time, retro in a modern way.

Vihti used to be a land of its own: close to Helsinki, but far from everyday life.

Vihti's unique cultural landscape attracted visitors decades ago. In the 1940s, two of Finland's most important artists, Helene Schjerfbeck and Venny Soldan-Brofeld, enjoyed the lakescapes of Vihti and painted local nature. They stayed in the manor house and enjoyed its delicious food and entertainment.

Vihti's tourism symbol "evil fighter" dates back hundreds of years. It protects against all evil and creates a safe environment for our guests.

Like Helene and Venny, who found refuge and inspiration for their paintings in Vihti during the war years, you can find a place here that offers authentic experiences, good service and landscapes worthy of painting.

Vihti Landeluksus takes you back to your roots, to a timeless time and the charm of freedom. For once, life is like a nostalgic Finnish film!

The call to land is now coming from Vihdi in the words of a Finnish singer: "When I met you, it was the most wonderful evening. The birds sang and the moon shone in the sky. You said let us go toour land, to our land. I'm wondering how this will work..."

Take a virtual trip with us

Landeluksus on YouTube

In Vihti village, you can travel back in time and sense the life of a small village from time immemorial, as well as visit Vihti Kino, one of Finland's oldest rural cinemas.

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Experiential meals and local flavours are an important part of Vihti's regional luxury. Nuuksion Taika's Wäinölä and magnificent forest restaurant invite you to enjoy unique taste sensations in the middle of nature.

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At Veikkola Manor you will still find genuine manor romance and rural landscape. The history of the countryside comes alive and the luxurious atmosphere takes you with you.

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Vihti is also one of the largest horse towns in Finland, with space for grazing in the countryside. Hevoslaakso offers memorable riding experiences and equine-assisted wellness services in the lap of nature.

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In the midst of forests and on the shores of lakes, you can forget about everyday worries, enjoy herb tours, hike and stop to enjoy birdsong music.

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Jump out of the way! safaris and go on a forest trip with the vehicle of your choice – SUV, ATV, fatbike or a real rally car. In the lean-to, traditional soot pot coffees and a beautiful forest landscape await you.

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Take flight with us!

This page presents the products and services of the entrepreneurs involved in the Lentoon group project. The project is funded by Leader Ykkösakseli from the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland. The applicant for the project is the municipality of Vihti.