How to get to Vihti?

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Vihti, the home of active people

The municipality of Vihti, or "Vihti of Active People", is located 45 minutes from Helsinki, at the junction of the Turku motorway and highway 25. Vihti has almost 30,000 inhabitants and around 2,000 businesses. The municipality's main town is Nummela. Vihti's history stretches back more than 500 years.

In Vihti, nature is always near. Most of the Nuuksio National Park is located in Vihti. The municipality's main water body, Hiidenvesi, is part of the largest river basin in Southern Finland. The Nummelanharju ridge, part of the Salpausselkä ridge system, runs through the municipality. Vihti's diverse nature offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and sports.


To the forests of Nuuksio

Vihti offers several gateways to the magnificent landscapes of Nuuksio National Park - are you ready for an adventure?

Whitefish pond

From Valklampi you can access the 3,9 km long Klassarinkierros ring trail. Rise to the top of Klassarinkallio to experience some amazing views!



The Kattila car park and camping area is a great place to start your hike in Nuuksio. From Kaitlammi beach in the heart of the national park, you can access many different trails.



Central areas are inviting

Culture, events and services await hikers in Vihti church village and Nummela centre.

Church village

Situated on the shores of Lake Kirkkojärvi, Vihti's idyllic old centre is home to the annual Midsummer Festival and Vihti's biggest public event, the Wuosisatamarkt market.



Nummela is Vihti's largest centre - here you will find both shops and services. A great place to stop off to stock up on the necessary equipment for your excursions and adventures! Nummela is also home to the Palma Art Festival.



Public transport

Vihti is also easy to reach by bus from Helsinki and Espoo. Check out for the easiest and fastest public transport routes!

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