Vihti is calling an adventurer! In Vihti, the local visitor is spoilt by rich nature, a culture that dates back more than 500 years and inspiring events.

Take advantage of the following summer tips!

We have plenty of Nuuksio!

Did you know that more than half of Nuuksio is located in Vihdi? From the Salmi outdoor recreation area you can access several well-maintained trails of varying lengths, at Tervalampi you can walk the Klassarinkirroku (Classic Tour) for less than 4 km or head towards Kattila! You can find the starting points in Nuuksioon here.

Pääkslahti is a hiker's paradise

The nature trail in Pääkslahti has well-marked routes, neat huts and wooden benches. The nature is varied and the hike is crowned by stunning views of the Hiidenvlei. You can also reach Pääkslahti by canoe!

Breathe in history at the beautiful ruined church of St Birgitta.

The grey stone church dedicated to St Birgitta lasted for around 300 years but, built on loose soil, eventually collapsed. Next to the ruined church, the Hiidenwater glides by and you're a stone's throw from the summer theatre. The summer theatre play Parasta Zeit (Best of Times), based on music by Anssi Kela, will premiere in July!

Nummelanharju is full of things to see

There's something for the whole family to see in Nummela's ridges. Small planes can be spotted on the track around the airport, and the lookout point offers a view of the Hiidenvlei. For the more active, the ridge has a frisbee golf course and outdoor sports equipment, and for the explorer, a geodetic standard base line.

Palakoski is a versatile surprise

The scenery in the Palakoski recreation area varies from a magnificent view across the valley to a serene lakeside landscape, from the rapids of the river to the rocky forest. You can walk around Palakoski or head directly to the Mummusali lookout.

The Konianvuori demands, but gives a lot

Konianvuori is one of the highest places in Vihti (149 m). The routes to the top of Konia are steep and demanding, but the views are spectacular. Konia is a nature reserve and the large half of a giant coal cherry found in the area has been declared a site of national importance.

Kokkokallio is a favourite destination for people from Vihti

Kokkokallio, on the shores of Hiidenvesi, is famous for its national romantic landscape. There is no public parking and no signposts to the adventure village of Kokkokallio. However, it is easy to find with a map app.

Your next adventure starts with N-Y-T!

For summer events, visit:!

For summer events, visit:!

Hikers ascend a slope path in the forest.
Photo by Joenrinne Films
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