Brown leather gloves from Käsinetori.
An entrepreneur at the hand stitcher making gloves on a sewing machine.
A child in an adult's arms holding Käsinetori's pink mittens with a reflective heart ornament.
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At Käsinetori, you will find the right gloves for all outdoor activities, from hiking to walking in the city or from playing in the playground to skiing or cycling!

Our gift and gloves shop in Nummela, Vihti, helps you find lovely products from a selection of local entrepreneurs, and we have our own gloves production on the same premises. Come and see how leather gloves are made entirely by hand! Our Nummela shop's selection includes domestic candles, jewellery, cards, treats (including chocolates and liquorice), handicrafts, decorative items, accessories for the whole family and lots of great seasonal products!

Käsinetori is a Finnish glove manufacturer that produces leather gloves for women, men and children with a big heart. Our production focuses on colourful leather mittens and leather gloves, with a wide range of colours and sizes for the whole family. We also have the super-popular glittery leather socks for women and children, in delicious colours such as rose gold, gold and silver. In addition, we have selections in more traditional colours such as black, white and brown.

As a special offer, winter socks with a reflective pattern for children are also available, for extra safety during the dark season when moving and playing.

The materials we use are carefully selected, resulting in a high-quality, hard-wearing leather handbag that is perfect for winter weather. The leather handbag is warm in freezing temperatures and even when wet in loose winters, it keeps you warm thanks to the wool blend lining.

The pretzels are mainly handmade in our premises in Nummela. The business is run by entrepreneur Niina Leppänen, who has been running Käsinetori since 2013. Niina has learnt how to make handbags herself from previous entrepreneurs in order to continue the local handicraft tradition. Our gloves carry the Key Flag mark as a sign of Finnish workmanship.

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An entrepreneur at the hand stitcher making gloves on a sewing machine.