Vihti has entered a mood of anticipation, as the events calendar has started to fill up with wonderful, tickling, Christmas programmes!

November is all about preparations such as crafts and Christmas shopping. December is all about getting into the Christmas spirit with treats, music and togetherness.

Below you can see a few highlights of upcoming events, but for the full list of Christmas events in Vihti, see the events calendar at!

Gallery Pictor's Christmas Island

Gallery Pictor, Karhumäenpolku 5, 03100 Nummela.
Read more in the calendar of events: Galleria Pictor's Christmas Bazaar

The Pictor Art Gallery's Christmas Bazaar features works by twenty artists. The works on display will be for sale and the proceeds will be used to maintain the free student places at the Vihti School of Fine Arts. In addition to the artworks, the Christmas Bazaar will also sell ceramics, books and other art-related products.

Thursdays 12-16
Fridays from 12 noon to 4 p.m.
Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Christmas opening ceremony of Vihti church village

Fri 24 November at 18-20.
Kyläaukio, 03400 Vihti. The lantern march leaves from the bus station at 18:00.
Read more in the calendar of events .

The Christmas opening ceremony of Vihti church village traditionally begins when Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and their entourage leave the Vihti bus station at 18:00 and walk about 500 metres to the Kyläaukio square.

Join the march or come and watch the programme in the Kyläaukio square. The programme includes greetings from SuurVihdin Kilta, Vihti municipality and Vihti parish, games and songs for children, performances by the Vinha Dance School and Hiiden laulu. Rice porridge, mulled wine and ginger biscuits are provided by local entrepreneurs. Vihti Museum will also be open during the event.

Opening of Christmas in Nummela

Sat 25.11. at 15-16.
Nummela Market, Pisteenpolku, 03100 Nummela.
Read more in the calendar of events .

Vihti Entrepreneurs' and Nummela Guild's traditional Christmas opening will be fun for the whole family! The Christmas tree lights will be lit, mulled wine and rice porridge will be served, children will have a pony ride and Santa Claus will be there!

Independence Day morning flag-raising

Wed 6.12.2023 at 9.
Nummela Market, Pisteenpolku, 03100 Nummela.
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Independence Day starts in Vihti with the traditional flag-raising ceremony of the Nummela Guild on Independence Day morning. The flag will be raised at 9.00 in the market square.

After the flag-raising ceremony, the programme will include a speech by Marja Nykänen, Acting Governor of the Bank of Finland, a wreath-laying ceremony at the Independence Stone and the announcement of the winner of the high school writing competition and the reading of the winning essay. At the end of the event, coffee will be served to the audience (80 people) at Cafe Neilika, on the edge of the square.

Christmas Fair (formerly the Women's Fair)

Sat 9.12. at 10-15.
Su 10.12. at 10-15.
Luksia, Ojakkalantie 2-6, 03100 Nummela.
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Formerly known as the Women's Fair, the Christmas Fair will be held for the 35th time in Nummela, Vihti. There will be a hundred diverse vendors, whose products are sure to be a welcome addition to gift packages and your own Christmas celebrations.

The indoor fair is a great place to walk around, listen to Christmas music and stop by the café. There will also be a Christmas Tree Workshop for children from 10-13 and Santa Claus will be there from 10-14.

Luksia's recycling education shop will also be open during the fair. Entrance from Ojakkalantie.

New Year's fireworks in Nummela

Su 31.12. at 19-19.15.
Papulintie 5, 03100 Vihti, Finland
Read more in the calendar of events: New Year's fireworks in Nummela

Nummela Guild's popular New Year's Eve fireworks for the whole family will take place at 19.00! However, you should arrive well in advance, as in previous years the central area has been overcrowded with spectators.

The fireworks are good to watch from the Enäjärvi side of Porintie, the K-Citymarket Nummela yard and rooftop park, Tuusankaari and around the Nummela bus station.

Children's New Year Event in Vihti church village

Sun 31 December at 19-19:45.
Kyläaukio, 03400 Vihti.
Read more in the calendar of events: Children's New Year Event in Vihti church village

Children's New Year Event will be held in Vihti kirkonkylä at the Kyläaukio square from 19:00. The programme will include greetings from SuurVihdin Kilta and a representative of the municipality, and mulled wine will be served. Fireworks will start at 19:30.


A snowflake-shaped Christmas decoration on a tree. Lights flickering in the background.

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