During the autumn holidays, make the most of the unhurried time together and head out for colourful nature and picnics!

In Pääkslahti, you can expect diverse nature and varied terrain. The routes are well marked, and best of all, there are great places to have a bite to eat while looking at the Hiidenwater. There are lookout points near both lavas, and those approaching by boat or paddle can also visit the flag cave below the Black Cellar lookout point!

Pääkslahti nature rail

Another nice destination for those on Hiidenvede is Hannansaari, located off Hiidenranta. Hannansaari is home to a shelter and fireplace built and maintained by the Nummela Guild Association. Bring your own wood if you need it.

Hannansaari hut

In the Palakoski recreation area, you can admire both the treetops and the roar of the river.

The 4.3 km long Palakosken loop around the area is a demanding route: a narrow, sometimes rudimentary and rocky forest path. There are also large differences in altitude along the route. However, there are several lookout points along the route, the sparkling Palakoski and also a lot of beautiful lakeside scenery.

The most spectacular viewpoint, Mummusali, can be reached from the tour either by a steep hill and stairs or by an intermediate one-kilometre route directly from the car park. Remember, there is a rest area at Mummusali, but not a shooting range. No fires are allowed in the area.

Palakoski recreation area

The Salmi outdoor recreation area in Otalampi is a real outdoor oasis for the whole family!

There are several marked routes in the Salmi area, from short ones of less than a couple of kilometres to the almost ten-kilometre Tapio trail. Along the trails there are several resting places, cook shelters and toilets. The paved routes are also suitable for cyclists and wheelchair users.

Café Pohjoinen Pirtti serves outdoor enthusiasts on weekends.

Salmi outdoor recreation area

You can also do an autumn hike on the shores of Lake Enäjärvi in Nummela. The Nummela Gate wetland area is circled by a kilometre-long pebble ash path and is a hive of natural activity.

Built in 2010, the wetland park is a diverse environment for birds, animals and plants. Along the route, you can marvel at the babbling brook, cross bridges, climb a bird tower to see the scenery of Enäjärvi Lake and read about the ecosystem in the area.

Nummelan Portti wetland park

See also the programme for the autumn holiday week of Vihti Sports Services and the Municipal Library. Galleria Pictor and Vihti Museum are also open during normal opening hours. Join us to enjoy your autumn holidays in Vihti!


A family at the campfire in autumn.

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